Partial Relaxer (Edge up) and Style

Partial Relaxer (Edge up) and Style

Partial Relaxer (Edge up) and Style

For clients sporting a short pixie haircut, Salon Moraj offers a specialized service to maintain a fresh and polished look. My partial relaxer (edge up) and style service focus on relaxing the sides and back of your hair, ensuring a perfectly blended and well-groomed appearance. After carefully applying the relaxer, I cleanse your hair with a neutralizer, followed by a moisture-enriched shampoo and conditioner for optimal hydration and nourishment. Your hair is then meticulously molded, curled, and styled to create a chic and elegant finish. 

This service is recommended every two weeks to maintain the desired look and achieve the best results. Rest assured that your hair will not overprocess as it is constantly being trimmed, allowing for a consistently stunning and healthy appearance.

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